Launching our Online Shop, Alcohol Licenses and the Brewery Site

At long last, we’ve secured a premises alcohol license for the brewery. This allows us to sell beer direct to the people who enjoy it the most……! It’s taken us a long time to get around to this so I just wanted to explain some of the reasons for this before getting all excited and telling you about the online shop.

There are a few reasons we delayed applying for a full alcohol license for the brewery site:

  1. We live here. The brewery is on our house site (the old Kippen Railway Station). It’s a big site (2.5 acres, mostly a big field!) and anyone who has visited knows that the brewery is pretty well separated from the house and garden. However, I’ve always had some reservations about selling (and potentially serving) alcohol direct to the public from what is effectively our house.
  2. It’s expensive. A full alcohol license for on- and off-trade (including legal fees) costs in the region of £3,000. So you really need to make sure that it’s going to be financially worthwhile.
  3. We always had other online routes-to-market. We supplied a number of online retailers so the keen consumer could usually find our beers on one or more websites.

So why, given the reasons mentioned did we decide to go for it?

  1. ‘Good people drink good beer’! We’ve met some fantastic folk over the last few years and we’ve realized that we really shouldn’t have any concerns about selling beer from the brewery (and house) site. We won’t be running a city centre pub until 3am in the morning and there won’t be a taxi rank or kebab van parked in the driveway! We’ll be selling quality beer to our good friends and followers and hopefully getting to know more of you in person.
  2. Although it’s expensive, we just felt the time was right to start selling more of our products direct to you guys. We’re starting with online sales but in the medium term we’re looking at adding a shop and possibly a small taproom to the brewery site.
  3. A number of online retailers have sadly gone out of business over the past couple of years. In a way it’s forced our hand as we were getting more and more enquiries about buying our beers online and we really didn’t have a good, reliable online route-to-market.

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the main reasons for taking so long and why we eventually took the plunge. It’s time now for me to get excited and tell you all about the shop!

We worked with Andy Mogg and the team at LemonTop to get the e-commerce platform up-and-running. There was a lot more to it than I initially realised (Paypal, couriers, terms & conditions, endless editing and proof-reading, pricing, packaging, format, layout). It took a wee bit longer than I’d hoped to get the site launched but we got there.

You can now order and pay for Fallen brews online at All the regular beers will be on there (Local Motive, Odyssey, Grapevine and Chew Chew) and we’ll be sure to keep the site updated with all the specials that we brew throughout the year. At the time of writing we’ve got 10 different beers available including Sleeper Pils (5.2% Pilsner), Amarillo:Centennial (4% West Coast Pale Ale), El Dorado:Waimea (6.6% West Coast IPA) and Dark Territory (9% Belgian Strong Dark Ale). Keep and eye out for new specials and follow us on Facebook (FallenBrewCo) or Twitter (@fallenbrewco) if you want to keep bang up to date. We’ll be adding glassware, growlers, clothing and other merchandise at some point but at the moment we’re finding our feet and keeping it simple by only selling beer.

You can order the beers for home delivery or you can pop in to the brewery to collect your order, have a chat and a wee look around. As mentioned earlier in the blog, please bear in mind that we don’t have a shop or a taproom on site so you’ll need to order and pay for the beer before coming along to the brewery to collect (Collection hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm). We can’t offer formal tours at the moment but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about so again, watch this space!

It’s another small step in our journey and we’re really looking forward to supplying you with beer that we’ve enthusiastically and passionately slaved over. If you’ve got any questions or need help with ordering, just drop us an email at or give us a call on 07500 906924.

Thanks for reading
Paul and The Fallen Brewing Team

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